Tcs started onboarding freshers in July .

Tcs plan to started onboarding freshers in July onward up till End of this year.

Tata Consultancy services(TCS) is the largest Indian IT services based companies which have approx 4.5 laksh employees in globally.

Now the Situation of Covid-19 TCS and many more IT company can freeze their hiring process and joining letter also.
This 2020 financial year TCS can hirings more than 40,000 graduate from campus placement and their onboarding will be freeze due to the pandemic.

Tcs plan to started onboarding freshers

Tcs plan to started onboarding freshers.

TCS CEO said,” we are looking forward to the demand environment, and (have) decided to selectively open up on lateral hiring side, apart from onboarding new associates into the TCS ecosystem,there is not confirmed which domains based employee will be hiring that’s may be high demand skill likes- cloud migration, digital transfer Marion etc.

In March quarter company says TCS gave 40k job offer last financial year, but the onboarding excepted delay due to globally Covid-19 amid pandemic. Due to Covid-19 college and university does not conduct final semester exam yet and tcs also says honor all job offer that are generated 2020 financial year.

Tcs global HR milind lakkad said, “though our all operations are work excellent we have not added people but also filled the job vacancies, Hence we can Tcs plan to started onboarding freshers and lateral hiring as soon as possible.

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He also said that recently US administration can take action of suspend H1B and work visas that mostly “unfortunately and unfair”. There are not changes tcs bench police and the company not layoffs any employees.

TCS has registered a revenue of $5059 in Q1 down 7.1 % on next quarter. The growth in revenues was led about life science and Healthcare, banking and financial services and manufacturing also.
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